About Our Writers

My name is Chimnomnso Eze. I am a Biomedical engineer, student researcher, academic writer and Christian scholar.

I would also describe myself as motivated, passionate, detail-oriented and dedicated. I believe these qualities reflect in my work and has led to a measure of success in my academic pursuit.

Life has been an unpredictable but exciting journey so far. Born in Nigeria, brought up in Botswana, schooled in South Africa and currently pursuing further education in Eastern Europe (Ukraine). It really has been full of wonderful experiences that has led me through paths of discovery; my passion for academic research and writing being my most recent discovery.

As a Christian my desire to know God has led me to in-depth study of the Bible. Though I have nothing to boast of in terms of Biblical knowledge, I have been fortunate to be exposed to some spiritual truths by the teaching of the Holy Spirit. Like a diligent student I endeavor to keep a good record of these lessons to master them and share with those that might benefit from them.

I have always been driven to acquire a good command of the English language and writing, but since my conversion to the Christian faith I would say that my motivation has been to make an impact with divinely inspired words.

I am Gloria Awolehin. A Christian, medical student, a drama minister, youth and women ministry lover. I started writing since I was a kid but not publicly. Writing has always been a way of penning down ideas, thoughts emotions, experience etc.

I started writing publicly in the year 2015 although I had been writing drama script long before then. Being a creative writer, I see writing combined with illustrative pictures as a way of getting the audience in tune with what is being depicted.

I hope this blog ministers to your spiritual and physical needs…You’re welcome onboard…

My name is Falusi Opeoluwa. I am a Christian with a deep thirst for God and services towards Him. I am a Nigerian, a medical student in the University of Benin, Nigeria.
I started writing at the age of nine and I had deep interest in writing because it’s what I do best. Even at that age I loved writing a lot. I’d write anything that came into my mind and it was then that I wrote my first story.
Now, my driving force is the situation of things around, especially in Christendom. I discover writing is another way to reach out to more people, especially youths; to draw them back from the wrong path. I have a deep passion for souls out in the word, and I hope to bring the world closer to God and the reality of eternity.
More so, ignoring the raging storm of the world and it’s constant beckons, I desire to inculcate in the world out there, a set of principles and standards, contingent on the attributes expected of an ideal Christian. I write because I dare to be different. I choose to take my stand and run against the voracious wind of the world. I want to impact lives, in such a way that our generation will constantly thirst after God. Also, by the help of God, instill insights that will propel this generation into being in constant pursuit of God.
As children of God, we’re the LIGHT of the world, so we must constantly shine the light everywhere, every time, no matter what. With the help of God, I wish to spread the gospel and draw people closer to discovering and fulfilling their God given purpose. May the good Lord help me. May my write-ups be inspired by God and not self.


I’m Gift Keziah Suleman, a student of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.
I’m a Christian and I’m a writer.
I hope to unveil the hidden truth.


CREATIVITY. To create a piece using life experiences and imaginations.
EXPRESSION. To express myself with a pen.
TO SPEAK. To speak the Truth, speak Heaven and speak JESUS using the blue ink.

My name is Inioluwa Atowoju. I am Nigerian. I am currently a medical student in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Most importantly, I am a Christian who is in constant pursuit of God.


In an age, where people are constantly seeking the approval of the world, conforming their lives to the “modern world ” I have felt God stirring within me a passion for something more.
Christians hold a special place in God’s heart and a child of God can never be like a child of the world. Regardless of the opposing winds, it is my desire that we as Christians stand firm on the foundation of God’s unchanging word. This is exactly why I write. The fact that we are Christians should make us a different kind of people. We have been set apart, chosen… We are called to STAND OUT, not to fit in. We can’t love both God and the world. The world needs more people of faith, more people of virtue, more people of purity. It is my utmost desire that God’s love, mercy and hope shines through my writings…every line….every word.
Remain in His light and love. I expect transformation and Reformation. I expect lives to be changed, minds renewed, hearts healed, homes mended,souls reconnected to God.. Most importantly, for the prodigal sons and daughters to come back home.