About The Blog

The Blog “INSPIRED” from the name was inspired by God…This verse 2Peter 1:3.’According as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue” summarizes the purpose of the blog..

The blog is set to minister to the whole man, Reaching man holistically to the spirit, soul and body,

Write-ups with or without pictures will be written by the writers from time to time about different biblical themes, challenges of a growing Christian shared, Real life experiences shared,

Matters stemming from social life, marital life, financial, life etc. will also be put up.

The blog also has recommended songs, books, messages, movies with some themes to help us spiritually. These have been carefully chosen and it will be updated from time to time.

The diary of a growing Christian brings real life issues and struggles of people which are penned down.
Also comes a special feature Fashion twist of the blog which will be posted every two weeks to encourage Christians to keep up with godly fashion sense in a world of compromised fashion trends.
There are Captions which summarizes themes and brings cogent point of what is written aptly.

You can also send us what topics you would like us to write about.

The blog is set to minister to all and sundry, all races, and every man on earth. Please help share, invite people to read. Thank you and God bless…

Well I’m grateful to God for the Grace and wisdom He has given to start this. I’ve been writing since I was a Kid but it didn’t find expression. Started writing script for my drama group in church until the year 2015 when it was laid in my heart to put up a write up with pictures attached. I got the pictures ready but then when it was time to update on Facebook I was so afraid. What would people say? I’m scared of being judged …this had always been my excuse for not putting up things in the past. I then started listening to a song  more than a conqueror Vashawn Mitchelle which had the line” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” after reading Philip 4:13..There was a strength that came inside me and Yes I uploaded it, It came with great testimonies and I had no issue putting up stuffs

In the year 2017 my pastor spoke to me He said I think you need to make your write-ups more explanatory, creative and catchy, started praying about the best way to do that. Several Ideas came but I was trusting God to lead aright. Few months after a friend said Gloria why don’t you own a drama blog. It’s going to be unique, beautiful and you would have more ground covered. Hmnnnn Blog naaaa. Most people who own it do it for fame. I don’t think I want to start one.

I kept on praying about how to reach more people until September 2017 when God gave a go ahead I could start a blog. I saw the need to inculcate some other things hence the recommendations. I also saw the need to bring other writers with like minds. I trust God that your needs be met. You’re welcome..

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