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Hi Everyone!
If you’re new here, welcome, and if you’ve been here for so long, thank you for … errm … kindly excuse me, but am I the only one who thinks that sounds like the intro of a YouTube video?
Hehehe… Is God saying something to me?
Alright, let’s proceed…
Writing is more natural and spontaneous for me, so we’d be joyfully sticking with that for now.
The blog which initially started off with a community of other writers would now be more personal, moving forward.

I’m hoping that you’d connect with the blog and with me sooner, later or … errm… nev…
Oh well, truth! …
Not everyone will be my audience.
I cannot connect with everyone.
But those that I would, I hope this happens a step at a time lovingly, peacefully, and in integrity and one by one, we’d create that wholesome Christian community.
I’m so glad my writing tentacles are now spreading across-the-board.


So let me introduce me to you!

Central to my life is my faith; not just any faith -The Christian faith specifically. It informs and shapes every other sphere of my life. So I would with joy, not hesitate to share with you all about it as permitted per time.
Whatever form sharing the faith takes — preaching, teaching, singing, giving, acting, etc, it’s a ministry which must be made full proof of. So, be sure I’d be here talking about it as inspired.

Ministerially, I’m a  Drama minister.

I love Fashion! I probably should have left this for you to figure out (smiles), that’s if you do not know me personally, but it’s fine!

Fashion helps me express my personality,

It’s (mind)- declutterring ,

It’s recreational,


And the dose of confidence it brings! I absolutely love it!

From creating ideas… to feeding off someone else’s… to modeling… photography and all there is to fashion, you’d find me right there and… Modesty remains the standard.


Professionally, I am a Medical Doctor.
I had my training in Ukraine, my Internship at UITH, my NYSC program in Ogun state, Nigeria and currently practicing as a Medical Officer which of course is laced with its unique challenges and dynamics.
Imperative is the need for me to leave those coming after me with a guide to make their journey less stressful, to share wisdom learnt from those before me and to share experiences and guide and lessons with my contemporaries.
I hear someone think… ‘how about those us that are not Doctors? we aren’t going to feed off this knowledge at all?’
Make a promise ( yes… I’m very serious about it ) that Information shared here won’t replace going to the hospital when you need to.
Yes, like we do say, a promise is a debt.
So yes! I’d be glad to freely educate you about your health from time to time.

In conclusion, because there are other things I’d also share that might not fit into any of the above listed categories, ‘Life and everything in between’ (Lifestyle for brevity) would accommodate them. In this section, we would get to talk about finances, relationships etc.


 For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that [are requisite and suited] to life and godliness, through the [[a]full, personal] knowledge of Him Who called us by and to His own glory and excellence (virtue).

Wow! you read this far?

Or you jiffy scrolled to entertain yourself with pictures?

If you did the former, you should be proud of yourself.

I hope & pray you’re enlightened.

I hope & pray you find healing

I hope & pray you’re encountered.

I hope & pray you get godly alternatives.

I hope & pray a community that fears The Lord stems from us. AMEN. 


Hey There!
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It Will Be My Pleasure.


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