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Distracted?? Handling Distractions

The subject is about handling distractions.

If you have speed and no focus you will be getting nowhere very fast.

Distraction can be described as a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else. Therefore it is safe to say that distractions only come to those who have purpose; who are focused on an objective. It is only those who have purpose a focused objective that can be distracted.

When you have no focus, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you travel and you certainly have no plan of action when you eventually get wherever you get to. If you have speed and no focus you will be getting nowhere very fast.

But the degree to which one succumbs to distractions depends on the object of your focus, how much it means to you and how determined you are to attain it because that will determine how focused you will be.


Distractions can come in several forms:

  • Annoying distraction – mild disturbance (these are usually the easiest to deal with); you can either ignore the annoying distraction, come to a favourable agreement, or remove yourself from the immediate environment.

For example, if you’re trying to study and your flatmate decides to play loud music, you can persuade him to turn it off.



The powerful distractions come in the form of things we desire.

  • Self-imposed distraction – when your own mind begins to wander and you fail to reign in your thoughts; distractions we allow because we enjoy them.

Surfing the social media while attempting to study is an example of a self-imposed distraction;









  • Lesser priority distractions – these are distractions by things that though they might be important but are less important than your primary objective (for example, you set a time to study but then some urge to organise your surrounding distracts you, and you end up drifting from your primary target).



  • Legitimate distractions – distractions that when considered logically they are a valid cause of distraction; fear is a legitimate distraction (bereavement, frustration and confusion are also legitimate distractions).

When you lose someone dear to you, it is in the human nature go through a period of mourning.



Legitimate distractions are strong distractions because you might begin to justify your state of distraction and allow it to affect you more than it should.

The powerful distractions come in the form of things we desire. It is only those things that we desire that have the power to distract us from our main pursuit. The more you desire the distraction, the greater its power over you.


Distractions can cause you to do either of these two things; lose sight of your purpose or make you more determined to fulfil you purpose.

Distractions are a tactic of the enemy to make you lose sight of the purpose God has set for your life. They are Satan’s tools to keep a child of God from pursuing God’s will at a given moment.


How to handle distractions:

  1. The first and most obvious is to know your purpose and how much it means to you to achieve it.
  2. Realize the distraction for what it truly is – a mere distraction.
  3. Be alert; be on guard
  4. Discipline – remain focused on your objective
  5. Look to God – looking to God is the best way to deal with distractions.


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For further information on this subject visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SbR2K-EeHE&t=747s




  1. Wow! Thanks for your invaluable contribution to lives via your motivational write up. You are blessed in Jesus name. Amen

  2. This is a revelation knowledge. Sister, may God bless your understanding.
    Hmmm, I use to tell people people that if you don’t give up on pursuing your destiny, devil will give up on you very soon. Whereas distraction is the greatest weapon devil is using this age to cut short many beautify lifes from shining not to fulfil their divine mandates. Many who has a glorious future were sank in the ocean of confusion when the torrent of distraction engulfed their soul.
    I once treated this topic with people some time ago and I classified distraction into two categories;
    1. Human distraction
    2. Materials distraction.
    The past of many is also a factor that gave birth to distraction which underlines their unfilled destiny.
    Either good or bad pasts has capability to affect destinies. These easily become distraction for them to proceed to the next level.
    Many settled for yesterday success and they loose focus to purse today’s success. What a distraction!
    While through unforgiving spirit, some could not purse their destiny after their bitter mistake. Oh! Distraction….
    Forget the past, purse the future, don’t loose focus, all things work together for good into them that love God……
    God bless you sister, may this your write up transform lifes and deliver souls from the pit of distraction, Amen.

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