Put on the Lord Jesus
But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires. Rom
13: 14 ESV
Put on the Lord Jesus??
As a Christian, one constantly walking with the Lord, much more than putting on so called normal outfits, we should also be concerned about putting on Jesus as a daily apparel.
During summer of last year, my constant prayer was that when people saw me, they would see
Jesus. I wanted and I still want so much to radiate Jesus, that when others see me, they can tell I am a Christian. For a Christian, this shouldn’t be a weird prayer, right? And so, everyday I woke up that summer, I prayed that God himself should guide my choice of outfit and reveal himself through me to anyone I met. I prayed that prayer over and over again. Little did I know that I
would have a testimony for myself through this particular prayer of mine. ◇◇◇
It was one afternoon, I met up with a sister friend. We went to a coffee shop “Freshline”, made our orders and went back to our seats. Just a few steps back to our seats, there came this man from no where. He reeked of alcohol and wanted to hug me chest-straight. Before I could even resist, he shouted “Jesus, Jesus.” and immediately left. I never expected such response. My sister friend and I shared a knowing look and we went back to seat. We got our order, ate and

started talking. We spent over an hour at the cafe. Before we left, the man returned. He came back to us and asked of we spoke English or French. “English” we replied, then he went on about how he was sorry. He kept apologising. It was a bit embarrassing when he started bowing to us and doing the “sign of peace” the Catholics do. We told him it was okay. The next question he asked us, (more a statement than a question) was “You are Christians.” We told him we were, he said he knew. He saw “Jesus.” We gave him tracts and prayed with him. I couldn’t stop thinking about this one-time incident. Was I happy with this? Yes!
Did I want it to happen again? Definitely
You see, I don’t want this to be a once in a lifetime experience for me. I want it to be a daily experience. For me and for you too. Dear brethren, “Put on the Lord Jesus.” Everyday.

And for our today’s outfit, we are loving another black and white outfit.

Not your regular black and white outfit. Most times, people wear a black skirt with a white top.
Reversal is the case with this daughter of God. She opted for a white office casual skirt. And can we talk about the beautiful cape top? The Cape adds an elegant-ish look to the outfit. Like seen here, you can accessorise with a brooch and a belt.

The white pumps stand out than an everyday black one. All in one piece,the outfit sure looks beautiful.

You can wear it to church and even work on a day you want to look extra classy.

And we shouldn’t forget yes we had styling a cape blazer earlier on the blog. You can follow the link to get the outfit details.

And whenever you’d be trying this out,you can tag us on instagram theinspiredlifeblog .
Keep being fervent in the Faith…..

Thank you for coming here.

——————————————————————————————————————–BY INIOLUWA ATOWOJU

Ini-oluwa is a medical student in constant pursuit of God. She is a fashion enthusiast who believes you can be fashionable and stylish and at the same time, decent. She has a heart for youths and teenagers.

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