Motivational. Words of Life


It’s his first
That time he decided to give it a try
Oh, all eyes on him
All hopes raised
Momma’s eye wide open with anxiety in her voice
As she whispers “c’mon Tony..c’mon” under her breath

He struggles to get up
Grave silence fills the air
He takes a step..with a cute little smile,
And innocence in his eyes..
With so much concentration..he wants to walk like every other person
Finally, he’s on his feet..”yay, alas, I can walk!”
Then..he takes a step..
Then.. tries to take another..and whoosh, he falls!
He raises his head with a smile on his face as everyone’s echo of “ouch, no!” breaks the silence
He isn’t tired..
He gets up again..tries to take another step..
And still he falls
And like a routine..he keeps getting up after each fall..over and over again..not minding the distracting shouts of disappointment
Like they’ve all forgotten he’s a baby

Like every other person..
We fall..a times.. it’s not premeditated.
And at is..
We just couldn’t help it..we keep falling

It’s not bad to fall..but like the little child..we should get up after every day and try over and over again till the desired change comes

Life will throw darts at us
Sharp ones that will cut through our hearts
Rending our souls
And we fall.. we’re weak..
Too tired to get up
Tired of trying..and we want to just stay there the little child..shut your ears to the negative whispers..
It’s okay if you’re disappointed in yourself.

It’s okay if the world is disappointed..
It’s okay you made that mistake

Get up! Give it another shot!
If you fall or fail again..try again
The more you try..the more perfect you become

Like that little child that’s never tired of getting up and taking one more step after each fall..
Get up. Move!
Keep your head up and don’t loose your joy

You will get there

Just one more more!

Go friend!
I believe in you!
You can!
You will!



I’m a Christian with deep thirst for God and services towards Him.I see writing as another way to reach out to people especially youths to draw them back from the wrong path.


  1. That’s a very timely message to youths at this time of increasing frustration and depression as a result of a number of failures and rejections.

    Keep the fire burning!

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