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Welcome to our first Fashion content. We’re excited to have you here and we hope you pick up one or two things before you leave…


Sandalili Sandalili (4X)

I’m a nurse in my country,

Everybody knows me well

If you look me up and down

You will know that is true.



I was in nursery 1 or 2, if I’m not mistaken (a good number of Nigerians know this song and it’s interesting I only got to know that the words of the song are standard living’ when I was already in medical school), and since then the dream of becoming a medical Doctor started.

I was in JSS 2 when my Dad gave me the book, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, and after reading I was determined to become a neurosurgeon. But when attempts at getting an admission to study medicine for 2 years in Nigeria failed, my parents decided it was better to consider studying overseas.

And yes I got admission in September 2012, after all the embassy hustle and bustle, into my dream career, aiming to be a neurosurgeon as well as discover the cure to the dreaded virus, HIV AIDS.



So here I am, after 6 years I can only say ‘I’m grateful’. Medical school was a whole interesting journey which will be shared as God wills as we journey along.



Few days to my final exams came up with an infection which required a surgery (a minor surgery though), being on drugs everyday to relieve pain. I was so unhappy because I had not taken drugs for the past 6 years and even though I had a premonition the devil was pulling some strings, I trusted God to help through whatever he was gonna throw. And yes, the day of the exam came and the pain started in the exam hall few minutes after we started. Having exhausted the pain reliever I brought, I had no choice but to write the exams with pain and at the end I could only cry to God for help because I knew I had a whole lot of unanswered questions.

“Jesus you must help me!” I cried, praying to God to make me a success and yes, the result came out and I passed. I’m very grateful to God for bringing my dreams into fufilment. Thanks to my parents who saw the passion and never let it die.

I’ve learnt that reaching out to people holistically as regards my career brings not just fufilment but makes the world a better place.

Thanks to all who have been part of this journey…



I was on the search for a perfect style which would go on me and yes these were the things I put into consideration.


1. COMFORT: As a Christian whatever outfit you’re choosing must be comfortable on you. It doesn’t matter if a whole lot of people are telling you to go with a style or material you know you aren’t going to be comfortable in. You must be comfortable with the color, dimensions (measurement) and material of whatever you’re going for. I’m most comfortable with anything flare, hence my choice…


2. STYLE: While it’s true that there are lots of ungodly styles and Christians don’t have the access to a range of godly styles, you can always recreate whatsoever you want if the style isn’t appealing. Here the cape was so off the shoulder which was a NO for me so I told the seamstress where I wanted the cape to be.


3. COMPLEXION: I’m not a fair person so I mostly go with bright colors to give a glow to my complexion and actually I wanted a nude color as the background and main color but then I couldn’t get the color so I had to go with this and it just looks so perfect for me.


I hope this helps you whenever you’re planning your outfit for  your next celebration.

Thanks for visiting. Next time on the blog we’re going to be having a visitor…she also believes in and is a model for Godly Fashion.

“Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.” (Philippians 4:5)


Until next time 15th of July…

Doctor of Medicine signed and sealed, GLORY BE TO GOD!

Romans 9:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.


Look up more pictures with friends and well wishers here, Byeeeee!!

Outfit designed by Bamdy Apparels;


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  1. Nice one. I’m actually reading through a blog and I like it. The Godliness is the best thing about it, plus the structure. Fashion tips for guys too, maybe?… 😊

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