When I was much younger, my mum would always encourage me when in the market to go for Jesus’ sandals look alike..

“You don’t know what is good for you”,

“Haaa this is very fine, very classy”

“You won’t see this on every Tom, Dick and Harry”…..but  I would refuse arrogantly because it never seemed fashionable.

It wasn’t the norm and I never wanted to try something out of the usual, but growing up the story is completely different.

Now, it seems I don’t try to follow the normal flow, I remember someone asking “But  why do you like all these kind of weird wears?”..And I just was laughing.

And I remember how I had  been trying to get this  in a while but to no avail. I even had to inform a popular blogger(A good number would  know if I mention her name) to help search for online but she couldn’t get and so I gave up. It was a sunday afternoon after service when a sister told me to accompany her to a store to get somethings. I had refused before but with much pressure decided to go with her seeing I needed to help her make choices when buying even though I was stressed out. Getting there, making our choices and about to pay at the cashier my eyes bumped the footwear section and lo and behold I saw what I had been looking for. I  dashed there, “I pray it’s my size” I gushed while trying it on and tadaaa it was.!!!!  Checked the price, fair enough, a lil cheaper than my estimated range and yh I got it.

“You see if you had not come here you wouldn’t have been able to get this.”

“I know right…”I replied

And here is the lesson, sometimes our blessings come and needs met when we’re busy attending to the needs of others.

Today, we have a pleated armless gown with a jean jacket accecorized in brown(leopard print scarf,brown bag,sandal and even guitar). Oh yes I love the colour and the brighter shade of course left the whole outfit in glamour.

This seem a good outfit for sumtumn😀😀( summer-autumn)When it isn’t hot and your jean jacket is still relevant and it isn’t so cold to wear your sandals without being eyed.

If in summer, be sure to replace the jean with a bolero jacket or a look alike and in autumn the sandal with your boots or sneakers. Whichever part of the world you’re in, be sure your choice is weather friendly.

The length of the sandals known as gladiator for the minimalist can be shorter than this, and for the extraordinary persons there are knee length  so far you’re comfortable with it.

In all, be sure that the rule of modesty isn’t compromised. Thank you for coming here.

Do not hesitate to leave your thoughts please.


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