Free indeed
John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
Many people talk about freedom; freedom of speech, freedom from slavery, freedom of movement and all sorts. Then there is freedom for the Christian.
For every believer, there is a right to freedom, not the ” world-rated”, but the “Heavenly-rated
freedom”.The freedom only Christ gives. The freedom accessible to His sons and daughters.
If Christ frees a man, then it means Satan does the exact opposite, he binds a man.
Satan’s strategy is only an illusion of the mind. His greatest weapon is making us think we are
trapped. Trapped in sin-cell, caught in a spider web of temptations, fear, guilt and deceit. The
trick he has practiced for thousands of years is- duping believers into thinking they are ensnared
when in reality, Christ has freed us from his deceptive prison gate. The only power the devil holds
is the power we(children of God) allow him to have. Asides that, he is powerless.
Child of God, You are supposed to have him right under your feet and not the other way round.
Should He be oppressing you? No! You have been given authority by your Heavenly Father to
trample over the power of the enemy. Christ has freed you from the law of sin, death and slavery
to satan. In Christ you have a freedom the world cannot give you.”You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”

Cleave to the truth of God’s promises about you – IN HIM YOU ARE FREE INDEED!
The conclusion of the whole matter ย 1 Peter 2:16 Live as free men, but do not use your freedom to cover-up for evil; live as servants of God.

Today, our “free indeed” brother is giving us the classy, office feel with his three- piece suit. The color choice of turquoise and grey surely was perfect.

The particular shade of blue defies the regular suit outfit. We love how he paired it with a tie and accesorized with a brooch. He also didn’t want to make the outfit clumsy so he opted for a black footwear.

This 3piece combimation can be for an official event, work or church.

Oh yes a groom and his men can also have this outfit in glamour.

Congratulations Engineer. We are glad to have you grace the blog.

Who is loving This Free Indeed Outfit just and as much as we’re?



Ini-oluwa is a medical student in constant pursuit of God. She is a fashion enthusiast who believes you can be fashionable and stylish and at the same time, decent. She has a heart for youths and teenagers.

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  1. God bless this team of writers, the fact that you channel all to the gospel is what I am joyous about. We are looking out for days when children of God will be in charge of the world politics, academics, fashion, arts, different professions, and so on. These are the days we have been waiting for.

    And then freedom as children of God, a lot of us still under utilize our authority as sons and daughters of the Most High. When the Bibles speaks about us trampling on all those terrible creatures, and we are there, submissive to little conditions when we should exercise our authority. I see God raising a greater and dependable generation in us. God bless this team. Greater grace.

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