If there’s anything you would have known about me, I love unique pieces & to get it just as I want, would always need to personally draw a design or tweak a design online to suit my preference & that I didn’t hesitate to do while brainstorming for designs for this aso-ebi.

I had drawn a design for the tailor who advised to change the design of the lower part because the fabric wasn’t going to be enough.

I was reluctant at first, but after few considerations, eventually gave a budge.

Decided to go for a gold linen putting into consideration that I’d need the fabric to pop…(Not a fair person you know)

“Mummy Ahmed,(Not real name) don’t let the upper part show …….” I instructed & reiterated

Lo and behold, what I met when it was time for fittings had me in shock.

“But I told you to bring these things up now, so it doesn’t….”

“Yes, I did now, I know you very well now, just felt the design shouldn’t be too choky & you’re a lady so for the design to really come out well, it’s not bad if small…”

“Ahhhh, nooooh” I cut in.

“The design would still come out nice even if the cut is up”

” I can’t wear this ohhh, If it means getting to the party late, don’t mind”

“Oya, let’s adjust it please, I’m still travelling”

It seemed an herculean task for her, but wouldn’t have had it any other way

Being fashionable & being modest are not mutually exclusive

Awolehin Gloria

And with little adjustments here and there, this piece was crafted.

The bride beamed with smile as soon as she saw me- “You look so beautiful, your outfit is sooo nice!”

you might want to see AN OWANBE IN LAGOS

A lady in blue aso-ebi

Of course, I modelled it with all confidence and the compliments were the perfect parfait toppings.

Now, this was in 2021.

2 years after, you’re getting it on here.

Please, look out for the video on IG soon. You can always check on here for your aso-ebi and corporate modest fashion ideas.

Scroll down to see other pictures for your viewing pleasure please.


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