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Lest I forget, a quick definition of Owanbe to our Non Nigerian Readers.

‘Owanbe’  or ‘Owambe’ is defined by urban dictionary as a grandiose party thrown by Nigerians that involves a lot of food, dancing, loud music and spraying(The Nigerian act of throwing money on a dancing person);it is seen as a way of appreciating the celebrant.

Here the celebration was a wedding.

I had been passing through a phase and I really needed to declutter and ease off, thankfully a friend and a model on the blog obliged to attending the wedding with me  and so we started making preparations while putting YOU in mind. Yes YOU!

Yeah, we had the blog in mind … You should say thank you already.

We started combing online for styles and we finally settled for this one and with creative modifications here and there we came by this.

The fabric didn’t seem colorful  and flowery as much as I would have wanted and that was same for my friend too so we decided to go for a bright color so we settled for white.

Do you think another color would be nice too? Let’s know in the comments please.

So we spoke to the Tailor and she understood what we wanted and was ready to give us without changing what we had in mind.

The extra materials with the cost of sewing was cost friendly  and we didn’t have to break the bank.

You want to know how much? Bring your ears closer……

It was as friendly as a smile…

Here is our outfit sitting pretty on us. What do you like most about it?

It’s the puffy hands for me!

Someone said the puffy hands comes with an attitude(Smiles)

For me, I’d never ooze any confidence in an outfit I’m not personally not hyped about. You can be sure we got all the plenty admiration while still being modest.

Would you like to try out the style? Please do not forget to tag us on Instagram whenever you’d be trying it out.

Be sure to feed your eyes well enough as you scroll.

And what is a party without someone to vibe with?

I absolutely had a nice time with my sister friend.

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Gloria Awolehin is a Christian writer and blogger, drama minister and a medical doctor. She believes in practical Christian living and she is deeply interested in youths and the female gender.

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