Looking through the past one year early hours of today, was going to have here on the blog, lessons I’ve learned but my thought was rather shapened to having it simply as  truths that have shapened in a year.

Here we go!

1)You’re created in God’s image( Genesis 1:27):  I’ve lost count of how this truth made me smile this year. I know some verses sometimes do not weigh as much as they should, but this year, this truth has come alive personally to me  much more than before. Sometimes I’m done dressing and I just look at the mirror and whisper to myself ” YOU’RE CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE” . This of course grants me a confident aura through the day, restrains me when I’m about indulging in something not consistent with this truth, and encourages me to stay true to this eternal and privileged Identity.

2)The thief only comes to steal, to kill and to destroy(John 10:10): At times, I would want to indulge in my spiritually weak estate.

“God will come for me when it’s time” I’d resolve.

And when I’m called to personal retreat or revival

” how is that possible with my work schedule?”

“God you know  I just can’t!”

And I keep making excuses indulging myself until there was a whisper one of the days

” Grace comes in to stop you from being a casualty”

“The joy of your relationship with God is stolen already and he’s (The Devil) up next to kill and destroy you”.

“Here is Grace calling you to personal revival and restoration”.

We should be wary of school of thoughts that encourages us to indulge in our weaknesses since we are humans and that God would come for us at His time.

Yes He’d come, and He comes by a call to repentance, revival, prayer and fasting. There are no special ways He beckons on us than this. I mean for us to know something is spiritually wrong is Grace at work!

There shouldn’t be a delay! Our response to the call should be spontaneous or else the devil gets his grip on us.


3)Where the treasure of a man is, there is his heart(Matthew 6:21):You know sometimes just evaluating my day when about sleeping at night then I’m reminded of my errors here and there.

“God forgive me.” I’d quickly try to mutter but God surely just has a way of making me learn and not leaving me to the cliche forgiveness prayer.

” Hey girl,  I’d forgive you but then I want you to be involved in this relationship”

“What preoccupied your mind through the day…?”

“Work was overwhelming, Patient’s relative,  some difficult Bosses ” I’d try make excuses

” Huh huh, including when you’re busy checking status updates yeah and surfing facebook left, right, and centre?”

“Was there a time you even remembered what you had during your devotion?”

“Okay what was your memory verse?”

And I’m lost for words.

“You can’t be absent during the day and be present only at night!”

“You can’t leave this to chance or assumption”

“You must be at alert!”

“You need to be decisive, intentional about what you feed your mind during the course of the day for you to be victorious.”

4)The word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than 2 edged sword….(Hebrews 4:12): You know sometimes, we want a quick fix to a situation, we want that deep message not necessarily in the scriptures. Something motivational more like and it seems I’m dejected and  I can’t find anything in my head or online to soothe the pain or fill that void . And just then I’m reminded the word of God is enough! I don’t need to look elsewhere for comfort within my soul. It has to be the Bible or nothing! I shouldn’t look elsewhere for alternatives but trust God and wait patiently on Him to come through.


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5)Follow Peace with all men and Holinesss without which no man shall see The Lord( Hebrews 12:14): You know at times you just want to give some people a piece of your mind. Some patient’s relatives can be rope in the neck and you’re ready to serve them hot but alas  this scripture come in mind and I loose words . More like the energy to put them in their place just disappears into thin air. This verse has come to teach me to reserve energy for more fulfilling things.

6) Do what you want others to do to you( Matthew 7:12): This truth comes handy especially at work. Sometimes I’m tempted to take more water from our call food but I’d be reminded “So what do you want others to take?” Sometimes it’s the messy floor from attending to a patient and I just go ahead to using a cotton wool to clean instead of leaving it messy before the cleaner comes to clean properly. At times it’s just covering up for someone else’s error so the person doesn’t get punished.  This verse has created a measure of being thoughtful, wanting the best for others, letting go of selfishness.

In all, my motivation , resolve and  strength, the past 1 year is rooted in God’s word.

And truly it seems these are truths I’ve come to know since I got saved, but sometimes it seems one looses grip on them and it slips . All thanks to The  Holy Spirit who is faithful to reminding us, guiding us as we journey in the race.


I hope you did go through and it wasn’t just about pictures?😀

So as promised in the previous fashion update, here is the  gown that brought me in love with burberry prints.

If this has blessed you, please do not hesitate to share with some one else.

And to this end, reluctant at first as I’m someone who has learnt busyness doesn’t necessary mean fulfilment and wouldn’t like to involve myself in too much  when it’s not mandated  but here is it, God’s call is important and takes over my comfort!

There’s a need for Sisters who will rise to embrace God’s culture in every way in this perverted generation of ours. If you have this burden and would want to be a part, kindly send  an email to



Gloria Awolehin is a Christian writer and blogger, drama minister and a medical doctor. She is currently having her Housemanship at The University of Ilorin  Teaching Hospital. She believes in practical Christian living and she is deeply interested in youths and the female gender.


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  1. My tought,your tought, our toughts; But the scripture is the landmark adding illumination to our paths. ……. tnk you mam! the Lord grant more wisdom unto you in Jesus name.

  2. Wowww.. Thank you for always being a blessing ma. This is so beautiful the song, write up and pictures all wonderful. More grace ma.

  3. Thank you for this,ma’am. From the reminder that we need God during the day and not just devotionals, to efficacy of the word of God and the work of grace. I had a good read,

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