Testing every spirit was a discipline I had acknowledged & embraced with no restraint when I started my relationship with God before I toned down on it as I evolved.

“Won’t I be too critical of others?”

“Do I really have to be uptight?”

“Won’t I judge people falsely or wrongly?”

“Won’t I be an outcast and the different one?”

“Your melancholic temperament is making you paranoid”. I even assumed

These thoughts which were internal & a subtle battle over time blurred off my resolutions as I began to read every book I could lay my hands on without actively sieving

I listened to messages and gently shoved off the little things different from what I had learnt from the Word.

I made screenshots of media updates that made sense but on a closer look were just emotionally appealing and do not wholly reflect the Word.

It was only much later when it was brought to my knowledge that I had been porous to a degree that I started deleting some of the screenshots on my phone and books saved on my system that had subtle contrasts with God’s words that I started making changes to making this note.

1 JOHN 4:1 AMP

Beloved, do not believe every spirit [speaking through a self-proclaimed prophet]; instead test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets and teachers have gone out into the world.

I know this verse of the Scriptures literally addresses testing the spirit of those who bear a spiritual office which is imperative for every believing Christian but much more I believe we can apply this wisdom as it concerns every area of life.


Every human we share a space with has a spirit; yes!

Humans are spirit beings controlled of two kinds- The Spirit of God & that of the devil

Hence, we must not erroneously live in the assumption that everyone we share a space with is good.

As it concerns biblical doctrines, the spirits do not wear a horn with dark faces & clothes but are often subtle and usually do not make a whole lot of changes initially, they seep in gradually eroding God’s stance on biblical themes.

They hide behind the gift of oratory, the gift of healing, charisma, beauty or perhaps character.

Here are thoughts I considered and would like to share with you.

1)Test your own spirit: I’m reminded my spirit is a dynamic and the constant factor would be God. One’s spirit could become polluted, perverted or grieved with resulting judgement of situations and people impaired.

There is a possibility of testing a spirit wrongly if my spirit is not in tandem with God’s , so therefore, my spirit just like other spirits must be tested every now and then & even more carefully when at a vulnerable state.

When vulnerable, we are spiritually and emotionally at a low and would often seek for a buffer to feel better. This can push us to open ourselves to things that strip of consecration & moral values.

Awolehin Gloria

Mark 14:38 AMP

Keep [actively] watching and praying so that you do not come into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.

2 Timothy 3:6

For among them are those who worm their way into homes and captivate silly and weak-natured and spiritually dwarfed women, loaded down with [the burden of their] sins [and easily] swayed and led away by various evil desires and seductive impulses.

2)Testing the spirit of others

A) The spirit in relationships: Here, one should discern the intention of people we share spaces with. Those who are in your corner for what they can get, those who are around to weaken your spiritual resolve.

Jesus Christ knew what spirit Judas was made of.

David knew what Saul was made of.

Samson continued to make excuses for Delilah & the consequence was severe.


B) The spirit in service: To discern the spirit behind a service rendered whether secularly or in a religious gathering.

Is it out of competition or strife?

Is it that of jealousy?

Is it fueled by greed or revenge

Is it from a strange spirit?

Just like Paul knew the slave girl prophesying had the spirit of divination.

This will come in helpful in ministerial and leadership engagements.

C) Spirit behind entertainment options: As Christians, We should grow to discerning when a song or movie with its lyrics, lines or visuals is made to stir up excessive love for money, piques sensuality or on a larger outlook gratifies sin.

E) The spirit in writings: The social media no doubt now is heavily laced with half truths captions that would require seeing through the lens of the Scriptures to recognize the flaws.

We should grow to recognizing when a write-up is with the intention to spite the saints or indulge us in sin.

I’ve come to understand a certainty, and it is that, no matter how much I try to be welcoming and not appear “paranoid”, I at a time or the other would share spaces with people with a contrasting spirit and the onus lies on me to be able to trust God to discern and navigate through.

If this has blessed you, please do not hesitate to share with some others. Thank you.


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