Saw a particular picture which sent ripples of memories through my mind about what had changed.

Yeah I had been saved in 2011 but didn’t get that spur to dynamic Christian living until I got to medical school in 2012.

As soon as I was integrated into the family of faith, there was this spark that ignited my soul.

Prayer was no longer boring, started enjoying it so much that I remember praying for 3 hours at a stretch. Would also fast for vigils whenever I was leading a prayer session only breaking the fast the next day.

I made sure of memorizing a verse during my devotion

Would listen to messages while having my chores

I’d kneel down by the bed to pray as soon as awake to pray

Was excited to share the good news with Ukrainians with my almost imperfect russian

I felt the power of God’s presence

It was palpable & experiential.

There was this heart for service as I was in about 4 departments in church & was still doing very well in school.

But now,

What changed?

“Here you are comfortable with not being in the workforce for about 4 years”

“When was the last time you went for personal evangelism?”

“Now, you want to brush your teeth as soon as you’re awake-Not bad actually, but from there you get carried away that you’d hurriedly have to do your devotion or wait till later in the day.”

“To pray for an hour is a tussle as you’d have to sing in-between, dragging yourself so you can give some accolades that you’re trying.”

“The greater percentage of your free time is now spent doomscrolling social media”

“The verses you know off hand now were what you learnt those past years, no new ones”

That was what changed

It wasn’t a steep slope you know, it was a gradual one.

A little, “I’m running late” will learn the memory verse during the day-that was what changed

The belief “it’s my life that matters, don’t need to preach one on one” & some other erroneous doctrines-that was what changed with many other things.

If this personal story of mine resonates with you & you’re also seeking to be revived again, there’s hope.

The fact that you know there’s a problem somewhere & there’s still that desire to get back to where you were initially is a good step in the right direction.

Lack of fervency and vibrancy are fruits of a seed sown which has grown into a tree

Working on cutting off the branches would be more like pouring water into a basket

Getting to the root would need acknowledging this truth of the Scriptures-Wherever the heart of a man is, there is his heart.

You might want to see this A GENTLE WAR

It’s first off, a matter of the heart-We must actively silence voices that stifle fervency.

Those voices could be subtle social media captions, comedies & messages or teases from friends that water down righteousness- “Nor be you kill Jesus”, “Na only you holy pass” etc

Again, you won’t hurriedly go through it, there is power of mastery in a gradual change. Take one action each day & be consistent at it.

Again, it will take discipline-You can’t afford to leave spiritual growth to chance. It won’t jump on you. You can’t fake it. The Scriptures is replete with verses admonishing us to take responsibilities-be steadfast, watch & pray, flee etc.

Have faith: Trust God to bring you to where you used to be and even higher than but one thing is sure. While at it, be convinced that you cannot rely on your own power or might, it’s gonna fail you.

Lastly, surround yourself with communities that would spur you again

I pray we’d get back on

I pray the desires of our hearts would be granted

I pray our souls would be satisfied in his presence again

I pray we won’t fail.

Would be my pleasure if you share this with someone you think might need it. Thank you!


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