Had this dress on in 2021 as the maid of honor(MOH)

“So I am going to be a maid of honor?” I thought with excitement as soon as she asked if I would please be her maid of honor, a request I certainly didn’t have to think so much about.

It was definitely a yes- Please gladly I had replied.

And from that moment, started researching about what it would take until I got to the choice of my outfit which became a concern because of the conservative church the wedding was going to take place.

I knew I definitely wasn’t going to compromise on moderation but still, I had reservations fueled by the experience a family friend shared shortly before the time.

Modesty is a virtue that shows love to others and brings glory to God through appropriate dress. Tim Challies

So I got started, surfing the internet for different ideas later stumbling on a dress style which was the basic version of the final piece.

Thought it necessary to spice the outlook, which required overhauling the pattern from the the band and below for a better fit.

Together with my designer with many trials and errors, which inevitably meant discarding a bunch of fabric, we were able to create this gorgeous piece.

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If there’s something I appreciate about myself, it is that until I get the picture I have created in my head of the overall outlook of a dress or an outfit, I won’t be satisfied or confident.

Usually overwhelming for my stylist but it’s always worth it in the end.

Guess what?

Was told it was too worldly and something plain without any design is preferred.

Wasn’t too surprised and that I made sure to sew for the service in the church- That is to say I had two outfits for the day.

Dressed in this outfit for the picture session & the reception gave me all the confidence I could exude of course, the compliments were the perfect icing on the cake.

I like that the color suits my complexion.

Again, I like that it’s flexible- The dress is with a convertible collar which could be worn as a notched suit with the absolute need for a camisole or an asymmetrical collar like I have it here.

Of interest to me too is the flare design with the high and low cut if you’ve noticed.

I like that I accessorized it properly with an overall elegant look.

The youngie look is also a thing I like.

This is surely a piece you should consider having in your wardrobe.

You have a wedding coming up?

Worry no more, here’s a style the bridal train could have.

As you desire, this could be created for you at your order.

Look out for the details of the vendors on Instagram.

Please do not forget to share this with someone in the end to raise the banner of modesty. Thank you.


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  1. Sisi Gloria 😘…I love your love for modesty.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.
    You’re blessed!

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