Medical Induction Outfit: A BLAZER DRESS

You made a way,
When my back was against the wall
And it looked as if it was over
Lord, You made a way
And I’m standing here
Only because You made a way

My fear; losing myself, amidst depression and the uncertainties…

…My testimony; God came through.

Grateful heart 🙂

I really wanted something corporate and not shouty (as my grad in medical school (

So I started surfing the net as usual.

Yes! A blazer dress seemed a perfect deal.

I saw some nice already made designs from an online store,but it was either the color wasn’t appealing (I love bright colors), and even if it was, the length too short (one you will start fighting with and drawing down…).

Comfort is partners with decency.

Finally, I decided sewing might just be the best option.

I hurried down to meet my designer and she affirmed she could, although my mum was against it. She tried to persuade me to get a ready-made outfit, but my mind was just fixed on a blazer dress and nothing more or less!!

So yippie! I got the material and was waiting anxiously for my deal…

…and…yeah…I witnessed for the first time Nigerian tailors’ disappointment.

She had just cut the cloth and nothing else had been done.

I had only a full day to my traveling for my induction!

I was to have a photo shoot on Tuesday, as I was traveling to Abuja on Wednesday for the Induction, which was to hold on Thursday.

…my head was…

I called my mum immediately lamenting, and she was just like, ‘Head into the market to get something else!’

So yeah, 🙁 …I got to the market and got something. A blazer dress look alike…but I felt it wasn’t unique and it might just be a uniform(Which actually was,quite a number of people on it) , but it seemed the only option at the time.

Long story short, the tailor later called that evening, ‘Your cloth is ready, come and get it. I’m sorry…bla…bla…bla’.

I got there and I didn’t like what I was seeing…

…it needed several adjustment here and there,

Ohhh nooo…of course it did because she had made it in a hurry.

…I wished I had listened to my mum earlier.

So yeah…she worked on the adjustments and it was better off…so much so that I was more confident going with it than what I got from the market.

…and here is the end product!

A blazer dress is a formal outfit which can be worn for business meetings, convocations, inductions or any formal celebration at all.

When paired with a fascinator,it can also be worn to a wedding. Not typical African wedding so you won’t be spectated (if you get what I mean…).

Flexibility with design such as being double breasted, down slit(please be sure it’s discreet enough) or tuxedo like.

The pattern which does go with the style ranges from plain for minimalist, to checkered like this, polka dot or leopard print as you desire.

The checkered pattern is an excellent fit for those quite a size as it gives an illusion of reduced size (in a way). Accessorizing it also can knockdown the outfit or provide the total glamor needed.

Here it’s with brown accessories. Brown undergarment, with badge shaped belt which completely brings out the feminine beauty in the dress.

Yes and with it is the leopard print pumps providing a contrast in pattern. Oh yes

For utmost comfort, a blazer dress is best sown to fit. Not big and not tight.

The later, tight-fitted, makes it so clingy and the blazer sense in it might be lost and of course you can be sure the former, big-sized, will instead be a coat dress 😃😃 not a blazer dress.

While going for this, just be sure you’re comfortable, the undergarment; not showing the cleavage, if it’s going to be with any slit, it should be discreet enough, and of course, still be classy.

What do you think about this?
Would you like to have one?

I’m also glad to inform foreign trained doctors who want to write the MDCN exam I wouldn’t mind being of help in whatever capacity.

I’d be sharing my experience very soon, how to prepare, …and probably some videos (if I’m opportuned and strengthened to do so). You can reach out through the platforms below or personally to me if you have questions. Please stay tuned.

Thank you for coming.

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    1. you shouldn’t informed me earlier i am very good in fashion designer i am 35 years experienced in designing but i am less than 30 years of age any lol…joking…i like yr outfit

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