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The summer break is a period when many feel that there is luxury of time to relax. But, remember that just like when school is in session, the value of time remains the same.
Some people have made decisions during summer break which has cost them something of great value to them and in the end they’re full of regret.
It’s important we take cue from such tragedies and learn.
A character in the Bible who thought to play on the luxury of time is Dinah and it cost her dearly…
…her virginity.
There are some activities which you could involve in during summer.
It’s also important that you weigh whatever activity you commit to and check to see that it doesn’t grieve the Spirit of God.
Here are some carefully chosen activities one could involve in:
  • Learn a vocation – There are myriads of vocations to learn like baking, cooking, and fashion design, all of which come with meager or average cost to get enrolled in. And these, with regular practice, would forever be part of you.
  • Improve yourself – We all need to identify the areas of our lives where we need improvement (e.g. your communication, relationship, general knowledge etc.). Read books to inform, watch documentaries, and improve on your speaking abilities.
  • Work – There are works which operate on shifts (e.g. 08:00 to 12:00 or 14:00 to 16:00) and wouldn’t be a problem when you’re signing out or resuming school. It’s a sure way to get more income and it relieves your parents of some financial strains. However the work should be a legitimate one and one which isn’t compromising the Christian stand.

  • Learn how to play an instrument – While it can be said that the average person is interested in one musical instrument even if though not musically inclined, it good if it doesn’t just end there. You could get in touch with people around who would teach you. There are lots of instruments to learn. So do well to sign up for one.
  • Rest – Summer break activities don’t have to be all jam-packed also…You need to take a bundle of rest. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sleep…meditate…and you will have your system refreshed this way.
  • Recreation – There are sports one could engage in and recreational activities that should be chosen with discretion and by the Spirit of God, e.g. visiting museums, going to parks, playing games, sporting activities etc.
  • Evangelism – Schooling period can be so overwhelming that you probably might not have time to speak to someone about God…however you can ‘pay back’ by actively engaging yourself in evangelism. You can dedicate a day or 2, or as you’re led, to reach out to people during the summer break. Discipling them and following them up too will be much easier.
  • Visitation – Utmost care is needed here. It was what Dinah did and it cost her…so you need to go with someone if you’re visiting the opposite sex. The visitation should be goal oriented. You can also call to ask after people if you can probably visit.
  • Attend conferences, seminars, training camps etc. – You can go for these with people to widen your horizon.

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  1. My joy is all what U’ve been posting for as much as there are lots of youth suffering from idleness & miss lead. I hope some girls will learn & take to action .

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