Medical Induction Outfit: A BLAZER DRESS

1. You can be 50 percent sure of your Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE)

How? The OSCE part of the exam definitely as seen over a few years has been consistent with at least a question from clerking, counselling, physical examination, systemic review and levels of prevention.

So dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s on all these section can assure you a pass in each of the station during the exam.


2. You will forget things a lot of times

While I was preparing for the exam, the guide surgery seemed so difficult and I wasn’t assimilating until much later. Severally, I’d tried to recall and all I could do was grin with mixed feeling… And then I had to ask a senior who confirmed it was no big deal, it happened to him too.

When that happens to you, don’t beat yourself so hard that you can’t remember some things. You definitely won’t remember all, but constant overview of your work will help it stick. When it’s exactly a month to the exam, go over all you’ve penned down meticulously.


3. Read consistently

I know there are some who like the adrenaline rush and their method is to rush through in 2 weeks. Well, I wouldn’t know if that would work for an exam like MDCN and I’d advice that reading consistently over the days is better than having a chunk forced in all at once.


4. Don’t be intimidated by the ITKs

Every educational gathering surely has these set of people called ‘I Too Knows’. There’s this vibe they give that might make you lose your self esteem. Don’t worry; focus on your own path and let your progress jeer you up.

Sometimes Life teaches those people that it’s not about being intelligent and you can be sure that the MDCN exam can be humuliating.


5. Practice, practice and practice

There is no limit to how much you can practice. Practice with your friends, practice in your head while in traffic. Practicing relieves you of tension. And for clerking, the rule of 5s will help. It means have 5 differentials or points at your fingertips for each topic.


6. Have at least 2 study groups

Study groups are so invaluable while preparing for the exam. It’s advised to have at least two because you need to have a different feel of how things are done by the different groups. By doing so, you can gather better styles of doing things.

While preparing for the exam, I was in a large group of about 12 with people who had done the exam before, People who were smarter, and usually would make me see the need to buckle up some areas. There was another group where it seemed we’re all at the same level, we were first timers and It was much homely for me as we read the guides together, and practiced physical examination.

7 Your sanity is of priority

For your accomodation, stay in a place where you can read unrestrained and not limited by house chores. Stay in a place where your roommate won’t be giving you silent treatment. Stay in a peaceful, conducive environment. I heard some of my tutorial members complain about not being able to give their best the very first time they attempted the exam and I’d advice those who would be taking the exam to put this into consideration.

And that’s the little I’ve been able to pen down,you can make suggestions in the comment section to help some others please.Thank you.




BY Gloria Awolehin

Gloria is a Christian writer and blogger, drama minister and a medical doctor.She is currently at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital for her housemanship. She believes in practical Christian living and she is deeply interested in the youths and the female gender.


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