Medical Induction Outfit: A BLAZER DRESS


Getting started for the MDCN exam was much of an ordeal as I quite didn’t know what materials to read. Different people with different options and opinions. Some people even mentioned reading with USMLE and PLAB materials which sent shivers down my system. Thankfully I was able to settle for these materials after personally weighing things myself.


1. Clerkship Secret

You all should know about this clerking guide, which comes in handy while preparing for the exam. It usually has more than enough points, and it’s important that you sieve the most important and catchy ones with intuition. It was quite difficult and too clumsy for me at first, but over time I was able to master it.


2. Reading instruction

This ranges from guide, to synopsis, and then Precis with some other materials depending on your choice. I was so confused about which to read and I was reading almost everything before I finally settled for Guide. The advantage guide has over others is that it has all the subjects as compared to others and the disadvantage,Guide can be a lil clumsy for a first read.

This will help with clerking common symptoms, picture test and even counselling. I gave myself a goal to read them at least more than 3 times which I even did more than and it really paid off for my objectives.


3. Udefiagbon’s Materials

Ranging from clinical pictures, instruments, and x-rays. This also comes in handy as you can be sure a good portion of it will be out for the Picture Test in your objectives. These are files you can get from the MDCN telegram page.And specifically for clinical pictures is Pediatrics in picture which I tried going through once to be on the safe side but really the pictures from Dr Udefiagbons slide and the guide did justice to the Pictorial Objectives.

4.  Physical Examinations

While there are about 9 of them, don’t get a panick attack because of the style and variations you may see from different people. Dr Udefiagbon also did justice to this section of this exam by making videos on examination. Even tho it seemed a long one, I think it’s safe to stick to that Nigerian way. The videos are on You tube.


5. Lab Values

If there was something I never fancied while preparing for the exam, it was lab values. Having to cram range of values wasn’t just it for me, but I still had to. So to be in a safe haven, try learning the values by heart.


6. Blood Smears

This also seems like a high yield topic, though I’m not so sure if there’s a material specially for it. It was just good my tutorials did justice as different smears were projected and discussed in class.


7. OSCE Presentations

There are different OSCE simulated banks on Telegram too which you can go through from time to time to test yourself. How far you’ve gone or have a feel of what OSCE looks like.


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BY Gloria Awolehin

Gloria is a Christian writer and blogger, drama minister and a medical doctor. She is currently having her Housemanship at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. She believes in practical Christian living and she is deeply interested in the youths and the female gender.


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