Hello Everyone, sure all hands are on deck as we prepare for tomorrow and next. As one who wasn’t totally in the best frame of mind while preparing, I promised to help as many as I can whenever they need help as regarding this exam so I didn’t hesitate to put this up if perhaps it would help someone

  • Be Punctual: Even though I had planned to be at the CBT test centre 30 mins to 1 hr before the time, I woke up late and got there just in time with my reading mate because we’re awake through the night and barely had an hour to sleep. So therefore, it’s necessary and wise to get enough sleep so you’d be awake early enough and you’d also have a clear head. You don’t want to have a locked up head in the exam hall that you can’t even recall everything you’ve read.
  •  Follow all instructions meticulously: Doing the right thing as instructed surely is a sure start to success in this exam. For your CBT do not play smart by starting before time. Do not take implicating devices in as I remember I wore my wristwatch into the exam even when we had been warned before just because I was so time conscious. I had to go keep in my bag when I was reminded by my seat mate. You’ll also be adviced to drop extra instruments not needed for the Osce. Pls follow all instructions meticulously
  • Be dressed decently: I’m sure we all know we’re expected to be dressed corporately and not only that decently and I encourage this should actually transcend to our lives even after MDCN. Modesty always rocks!!! .You do not want to be marked down by your examiner who feels you ain’t decent enough. So how decent is decent? Your fine tuned discretion is highly recommended
  • The exam is highly subjective so you must be impressive: The MDCN exam as compared to foreign exams like PLAB and USMLE is extremly subjective. The Examiner’s role in either passing you marking you down cannot be challenged. Some Examiners are standoffish outrightly while some are pleasant. You just hope and pray for the best. Do not show your Examiner you’re afraid or you don’t have something to say. Be confident,smile and yes at every station make it a point of duty to greet your Examiner. Be sensitive to your Examiner. Some actually really want to help and you might be favored to meet one.
  • Time Yourself: I was aware the set before mine (Novemeber 2018) was limited by time (2hrs for 300 questions) and I wasn’t ready to go that path so in 2 hrs, was almost done with 300 questions until I saw I had a handful of time left which meant it was for 3 hours.You can start with your picture test which I learnt carries the bulk of the mark. And please and please try to answer all questions if you’re sure there is no negative marking. You don’t want to start regretting after the exam you wished you touched the remaining 30 or 40 questions. Read the question, do the ones you know first, then come back to answer the difficult ones later or you can as well just click what feels right intuitively and later review all the questions once again
  • It’s okay to be anxious but please try to be composed: While I was still in the hall with some others yet to be called in, tons of questions kept flying around(A good number which of course were wrong and some permutated.You can imagine hearing immunization schedule was what came out only to get in and see counsel a woman on the need to immunize her child 😀😀😀). And I revised and revised until I was so weak but thankful to God was still able to put on a lil above average composure while going in for The Osces. So please save your energy for the main deal before your Examiners.
  • Pray: The place of prayers can never be overemphasized. If there’s someone I so much depended on with every fibre of my being , it was God. Oh yes! I read like as if MDCN was all to Life but much more, I prayed like Life depended on it and by mercy .Yes that’s what it’s !!!God came through. Prayers are never too much ..It’s amazing what a Prayer of Faith can do.

I wish you all the very best.

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BY Gloria Awolehin

Gloria is a Christian writer and blogger, drama minister and a medical doctor. She is currently having her Housemanship at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. She believes in practical Christian living and she is deeply interested in the youths and the female gender.


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