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So I stumbled on this on the field of WhatsApp and I just couldn’t help but smile as I understood where the poster was coming from. Also I understood the rationale behind the new year resolutions he  stumbled  on are coming from.

Every one, old and young, poor and rich, each with a picture of a better year scribble what it should be like but should I say a mental picture, declaration, public sharing isn’t enough.

Also is a common ground where everyone will follow suite what’s trending { Like there was a time of cutting people off}but it’s okay to be in a different season from others.

These points are worthy of note.

1} Our goal or growth board are unique: Have you taken time to carefully think and see what you really need in the year? For you it might be keeping up with time and fostering social relationships and for some other persons it might be financial management and………whatever it is at all, all because we are unique and our needs follow suit.

2} The Spiritual is the common ground and the ultimate: The common baseline everyone should have and aim at is the spiritual. If you’ve planned the year 2020 without actively planning how you would be reconciled to God, how you’d grow in the spirit or whatever the case might be, you are yet to do the needful. Each and everyone must trust God to be drawn closer than before to Him this year as that superceeds every other. Do not allow your emotions influence you in making resolutions borne out of resentment or which fuels the flesh.

3} Intentionality:  It’s not enough to declare, write down or share publicly those plans. What measures have you put in place to have this done? A reminder on your device, a sticky note on your wall  whatever at all to keep you on track. A constant introspection and appraisal is surely a tool while journeying through this path.

4)Resilience: Never you think you won’t encounter hindrances as you actively want to have this carried out. There are times you’d feel like snapping back and the vision isn’t worth it but you need to encourage yourself and move on. Also do not relax when it seems you’re mastering the process. Let it become a part of you.

5) Enjoy the process: One thing personally which I’ve learnt is to enjoy whatever process I’m in and I think this should hold largely for everyone. See the good in the new experience, process or virtue you’re trying to add and until then it might be a burden to you.

2 Peter 1:3 Amplified Bible (AMP)

For His divine power has bestowed on us [absolutely] everything necessary for [a dynamic spiritual] life and godliness, through [a]true and personal knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.

Oh yes all you need to live that Life is provided in Him!

So yes! let’s go into this year fully assured that we’d look through the year with a grateful heart.

We at the inspired blog wish you a happy  new year. It’s a year of Holiness.



Gloria Awolehin is a Christian writer and blogger, drama minister and a medical doctor. She is currently having her Housemanship at The University of Ilorin  Teaching Hospital. She believes in practical Christian living and she is deeply interested in youths and the female gender. 


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  1. Thank you for the eye opening. ”My year of reward ”,according to His convenant. I ‘ll do all I can to be who he want me to be for me to be positively rewarded. I pray for the grace to accomplish this in Jesus name! Amen.

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