Ministry Special


by Gloria Awolehin

“So like I posted on the WhatsApp group, anyone can be called on to take the lead for this song,” the director said. “…So if you know you scored the song raise your hands…



“1…2…3……out of how many people here! That’s not good enough… “I post the song early enough and I encourage us to score it so rehearsals will be less stressful.

“Okay Bernice will be taking the lead of the song and the accompanying soloist will be Geoffrey…” the director decided.


“Hmmmnn…before nko,” someone whispered, “…It’s always Bernice…”


“Okay…” the director continued, “Let’s sit according to our parts…Treble in front…“You all know how we do it now…so take your places… Bernice can you give us the arrangement please?” he said as he took his seat.


“First the instrumentalists come in with the intro twice,” Bernice began. “Then the lead singer takes the stanza once…I mean the first stanza…

Bernice paused, and after glancing at her tab, she continued, “…After that everyone takes the chorus, then lead singer takes the second stanza…then everyone takes the chorus twice…After that the bridge…Then we repeat the chorus once.

“We then modulate on the chorus and go to the third stanza, then we take the chorus once…and that’s it.”“Do we all understand?” Bernice asked.

“Yeah…we do,” some mumbled, while others nodded affirmatively.


The director spoke up, “As we all know summer break is approaching and most of us will be travelling so we need the few people staying back to be very effective, okay?” “Alright sir…” the choir chorused.


After the rehearsal Jessica said privately to Bernice, “You really scored the song well and you carried us along…I had difficulty scoring it at home…but you really did well.“Will you be around for the summer break?”

Bernice replied, flashing her dimpled smile, “Oh yes, I will be around.” “You stay in an apartment, right?” Jessica asked.

“Yes. Why did you ask?” Bernice responded.

“Well…” said Jessica, “…I was thinking I could come spend some time with you, if that’s alright with you.



“Oh yes no problem. You’re much welcome. I would be glad to have you around,” Bernice replied, visibly thrilled.

“Alright then, thank you very much.” Jessica said with a smile as she picked up her things and made for the door. “Do have a wonderful evening. See you tomorrow.”

“Oh thank you darling. And please get to bed early enough…” Bernice advised, “…so you won’t be late for service tomorrow, okay?”

“Alright, thank you…byeee…” said Jessica with a wave.






[Summer holiday arrives…]

At the beginning of the summer break things in the choir were still going quite alright until the third week of July came by. At this point good number of people had travelled for the holidays.

“I’ll be coming over this weekend…” Jessica said to Bernice, one day a Bible study service had ended and they were walking home.

“Oh okay…when exactly?” Bernice asked, “Friday, Saturday or Sunday?”

“Hmmmnn…” Jessica sighed thoughtfully, “I think Friday…” she concluded.

“Okay no problem. What should I prepare for you?” asked Bernice.

“Anything is fine for me.” Jessica replied.

“Alright then…” said Bernice with a smile, “I’ll be expecting you.”


On Friday evening, getting to Bernice’s apartment…  Jessica was impressed…It was well furnished with a friendly atmosphere. The bedroom spoke of someone well organized…books neatly arranged…and all around the sitting room Bernice’s pictures were displayed in elegant frames.


“Woah I’m liking this…Your house is lovely!” Jessica complimented.

“Thank you Jessica…” Bernice replied with her famous dimpled smile as she helped Jessica carry her bags into the bedroom.

After Jessica settled in and the two ladies enjoyed a delicious dinner topped up with a drink.







Bernice urged, “So…I think we should pray before sleep catches us unawares.”

“Oh you’re sleeping now?” asked Jessica.

“No I’m not,” replied Bernice. “I still have few more things to do against tomorrow but I just want us to pray before we sleep off.”

“Okay…no problem then,” Jessica said as she tried to stifle a yawn.

They both prayed, after which Jessica went into the bedroom while Bernice remained in the sitting room and began working on her laptop.

Jessica was soon sound asleep.


However, it wasn’t long before Jessica awoke to some strange sounds coming from the next room. Sitting up in the darkened room, bleary eyed from her interrupted sleep, she mumbled to herself in a confused whisper,

“What’s happening? Is someone crying?”

Taking a few moments to orient herself Jessica silently got up from the bed and tiptoed to the door that had been left slightly open.

She peeped through… It didn’t take her long to realize that the source of the strange sounds was Bernice.

She was praying…She would read the Bible then rise up to pray at intervals, walking around the sitting room.

As she prayed she would mention the names of the members of the choir…Listening closely Jessica heard her name too. She was stunned at the scene…such passion…such emotion.

“So Bernice prays for everyone in the choir!” Jessica said quietly to herself in amazement. “I’m not even sure our director prays for us like this…”

Jessica lay up in bed for a long while pondering everything she had just witnessed.


About an hour later she heard Bernice talking softly and got back up to investigate.

As she observed through the door she saw Bernice focused on her tablet.

From her vantage point Jessica had a clear view of the  screen and it seemed like Bernice was searching for something on YouTube…

“Oke…” she heard Bernice say.








It seemed like Bernice had found what she had been looking for and as Jessica kept on watching from her position she heard Bernice singing along with the instrumental that was now playing.

“…Hallelujahhhhhh you have won the victoryyy…”

The song concluded and,

“Mtcheww…” Bernice hissed softly in irritation, “…Bernice you’ve not scored it well…Is it the key?

“I’ll just sing on this key after all I’m not the one taking the lead…” Bernice said to herself.

“Okay let me get the song arrangement…

“Oh yeah…I remember…Travis Greene just released a song,” she continued to herself, While I’m Waiting… Let me score it also. We might have to sing it for a choir ministration sometime…Let me get the lyrics to the song…

“Oh!…that reminds me,” Bernice exclaimed to herself, “…I’ve not written the lyrics for our choir song yet.“I think I can write it tomorrow…

“Yeahhh…” Jessica heard Bernice say. She saw how much she was into the song.


Unknown to Bernice, she had just given Jessica a lot think about as Jessica returned to the bed and sat down on it, with all thoughts of sleep gone.

“Hmmnnn…I see why our director chooses her to take songs every now and then,” Jessica thought somberly.

Now Jessica understood why Bernice could be counted on to take a song another soloist was supposed to take if the soloist happened to be late. And not only would she take the solo, Bernice would minister it without much effort. Jessica thought to herself,

“Bernice relates well with everyone. She is so composed…easygoing. She is the pleasant one in the choir even though some people still don’t like her.“I mean why wouldn’t Bernice minister with grace…she ministers and the order of the service changes from the praise and worship session. When she ministers the atmosphere is charged. It’s no wonder…she has set the pace in the realm.

With her heart bursting with emotion, Jessica whispered desperately, “I want to be like Bernice! What I’ve seen tonight is so challenging…” 

Jessica knelt beside the bed and felt led by the Holy Spirit to read Ephesians 4:1. Written there in black and white were the words of the apostle Paul;

I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called.

The challenge resonated loudly in Jessica’s spirit.

Are you walking worthy of the vocation you’re in?

Do you know what is expected of you in this vocation?

Do you have a goal or are you just there because every ***, Tom and Harry wants to be in the choir?

What sacrifice do you pay for things to work out well?

How do you see each ministration? What do you expect from each ministration? 

“These are questions you should ask yourself,” she perceived the Spirit say to her, “Every ministry work requires seeing the purpose and then running with purpose.” 

Jessica was so overwhelmed that she didn’t hear when Bernice entered the room.

“Is everything okay with you?” she heard Bernice say, “I heard you crying from outside? What the matter? You can always talk to me…please, what is it?”

Through her tears Jessica managed to share with Bernice the lesson she had just learnt.

Giving the glory to God, Bernice said, “I’ve come to understand that every ministry God commits to a man has a purpose it should fulfil, and until one is running with that purpose, he or she is just playing…”

“Woah…” Jessica said in wonder, “What a coincidence! That thought was just impressed in my heart…”

After a short session of prayer Jessica and Bernice settled in for the night and were soon both fast asleep.



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Gloria Awolehin

Gloria is a Christian writer and blogger, drama minister and a medical doctor. She believes in practical Christian living and she is deeply interested in the youths and the female gender.


  1. this is just great… a clarion call to the church!! Serving God definitely demands sacrifice and God help us to pay the price required for acceptable worship.

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