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Hmnnnn…I’m coming here to rant oh people…!!

Yes it’s about my flat mate. She and her Bobo are so into one another. They are not even married yet but from what I’m seeing it’s going to be a blessed one. He has been here since about 1 pm and this is 6pm they are still talking oh…Come and see for yourself…


Shikemi: …So yeah thanks for all you do…I appreciate you (looking down bashfully).


Prince: Not at all sweetie. Thanks for accepting my proposal. Lots of ladies have denied it but I’m glad you gave me your heart…I look forward to the day we’d be married you know…The day I’ll finally have you as mine…



Shikemi (blushing): You’re mine forever…

Prince: I’ve to go now okay…Need to catch up with some other things.




Shikemi: Awww don’t go now…I’m enjoying your company.

Prince: Don’t worry… (Picking up the earpiece)…this will still keep us talking…

Shikemi: Alright then.




My people these two are inseparable…When Prince leaves they still stay on call for hours…He’s on call as she does her house chores even as she reads.

They are so into each other…see the surprising one was about the other day…


…few days ago

Shikemi: Hmnn…do you know what happened in School today? Someone spoke to me rudely. I wanted to actually slap her but I remembered you’ve said I should be slow to anger so I kept my mute. People were gearing me to slap but I just walked out…


Praise: Haha Shikemi who are you talking to? For crying out loud you’re in the toilet…


Shikemi: Yeahh I’m talking to Prince…

Praise: Woah!! Woah!! Even in the toilet?

Shikemi: Communication is key to any relationship so please byee!!

Praise (laughing): Okay oh lover girl…




Hmnnn…my people you see what I’m talking about. Prince is the last person she talks to before sleeping and after waking up. She doesn’t take any decision without his knowledge. And don’t you think there is a lesson to learn…?

The relationship of a believer with Christ can be likened to the earthly relationships we have. Just as they (Prince and Shikemi) seek to speak to one another so is it important that we develop our communication with our Prince, Jesus. It’s so ridiculous she even speaks with him in weird places like the toilet.


…how often do you speak to God about little matters?


So it must be with our relationship with God. The Bible admonishes to “Pray without ceasing.” (I Thessalonians 5:17)

Have you ever thought of that before? How do you pray without ceasing? You try to establish that constant connection with Him. Just like she (Shikemi) tells him (Prince) even the most thing how often do you speak to God about little matters?

Yeah…that’s the sure way to build a relationship with your creator. As the Bible says, “…in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God.” (Philippians 4:6).

Communication is key in any relationship…Prayers doesn’t have to be stereotyped. Tell him how you feel about an incidence. Tell Him about your thoughts. He sure wants to hear them…You know what, talk to him about everything…


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  1. This is beautiful, thank you soo much for this ma,The reminder was needed, More grace to you and your team in Jesus name AMEN.

  2. Yes my dear, this is real fact. We have to build a strong and cordial relationship with God. There should be strong intimacy like that of Prince and Shikemi. This is wonderful my dear, more grace to do more in JN.

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