For that business
For that ministry
For that vision you have
The greatest capital is YOU- Yes, your own health.

You’re the start off capital. Your whole self in its healthy state is the human capital you need to start off and maintain all of these great deals.

Often underrated but indispensable & invaluable

Having a good health is such a stabilizer.

Health as defined by the WHO is defined as a state of complete, physical, mental & social wellbeing & not merely the absence of disease & infirmity.

I love the definition because of its wholesomeness howbeit I have a reservation which I should mention to the close of this.

Starting with the the later part emphasizes that the absence of a disease or infirmity does not necessarily mean one’s healthy. So therefore, it’s not just about avoiding diseases or infirmities but maintaining an equilibrium of the aforementioned parameters which we’d consider now.

Physical health: You are not a spirit- errm……. yeah, in that context. You’re also just not with a spirit. You have a spirit & you have a body. Hence you occupy space on here and at that you must make room for things that will help maintain normal functioning of the medium that holds your spirit & soul.

You should consider
What you take in(Food &liquid)
Hygiene & body grooming
Activity to maintain a good BMI(Weight)
Rest & Sleep
Your body is the one in touch with the world & that communicates with your soul & spirit and should be in perfect equilibrium.

Mental Health: I’m glad this parameter of health is now being taken into cognisance in this part of the world(Africa).
Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioural and emotional well-being.
The WHO states that mental health is more than just the absence of mental disorders or disabilities but is a state of mental wellbeing that enables people cope with the stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn& work well, & contribute to their communities

To initiate and sustain the above goals, one could take on

Relaxation techniques,
Applying the brakes & taking a break.

By way of reminding you, we are not made to journey through life alone at any time hence it’s important to share our struggles with another we can trust.

Social health: This is our ability to interact and form meaningful relationships with others

Social determinants include

Level of education

Economic stability

Access to health care

Neighbour-hood and built environment.

“He was the most health conscious person I know” a relative was wailing after the unexpected demise of a patient finishing off with, “even those who are reckless live long lives….”
Not sure of where she got her facts from but I’m not sure it was from a published research work.

The duration of human life(longevity) is influenced by genetics, the environment & lifestyle. About 80 percent of chronic diseases are driven by lifestyle factors such as diet, and exercise.

A prospective cohort study by YanpingLi et all is with a conclusion that adherence to a healthy lifestyle at mid-life is associated with a longer life expectancy free of major chronic diseases.

To be candid, there are things beyond our control(unmodifiable risk factors), but instead of leaving one’s health to ‘fate’ or chance, it’s better to take on healthy choices(modifiable risk factors) while hoping for the best.

About what I said I was going to mention, I bet you must have forgotten yeahh…

That’s okay.
I’ve always wondered why spiritual health wasn’t a part of the parameters included in the WHO definition but apparently they choose the bipartite view(dichotomy) where soul and spirit are taken as the same term for the same entity in contrast to the Christian tripartite view with three entities-spirit, soul, & body with spiritual health being of significance.

Your health is your greatest starting capital & asset.

Your health is your greatest sustaining capital & asset

Your health is your greatest strengthening capital & asset.


So therefore, invest in it!

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