If you’ve been actively seeking to command respect from all and sundry, say no more!

You’re in the right place.

In a few seconds I’ll be taking you through contemporary ways of  becoming  a god, wielding so much power which would make people kiss the feet you walk on.

Do you have a pen and your journal?

So, let’s get started!

Here are  unparalleled & proven ways of commanding  respect.

1)Be age sensitive:


Make no delay in making people know your age as soon as you get acquainted.Slap everybody with the “I’m not your age mate” tag and see how people would begin to quiver and shudder at your presence.

Do not relate with people perceived younger than you are or better still whenever you want to, be quick to let them know it’s a privilege that you’re stooping low to do that.

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2)Be a snub:

This is the 2nd most researched strategy to commanding respect from people.

Ignore people’s greetings.

Feign you don’t know some people in the public.

Snub people when seeking respect.Reply messages with cold and one worded replies, just be stand-offish.

You get it?

Let’s move on, dear.

3)Wear a hard face:

You’ve been getting it all wrong if you’ve been wearing a smiling face- how can you?

You gotta wear a hard face !

Don’t give people the chance to warm up to you…nooooh, noooh!

Create that ready made fence already, please.

4)Be Bossy:

No, you can’t afford to be polite if you want to command respect.

Talk down on your subordinates

Be critical; let your tone be always condescending.

Be critical when seeking respect

You need to make others walk on eggshells around you. That way, you get them intimidated, force them to shrink and cannot dare explore the possibilities of disrespecting you.

5)Do not cut your coat according to your size

How can you command respect without a complimentary outlook?

You’d certainly need to level up your game my dear.

Buy things you really cannot afford, go to restaurants that are steep every now and then so you can push a luxurious lifestyle out there & tadahh, the respect fills every room you enter.

Choose a fake lifestyle when seeking for respect.Make no delay in trying the strategies spelt above and see how much respect you’d start commanding.


Errm, you read to this point?

Or you quickly scrolled to see the end?

If you read with enthusiasm and there was no disgust on your face, I want to think there’s a problem somewhere.

I also initially wanted to say  it’s quite worrisome that you’re indeed actively seeking for respect, but I was quickly reminded that  the dynamics leading to that need wouldn’t be the same for everyone and it could actually be a valid concern for some people who are not actually power driven but have just been downtrodden for the longest time.

I would like to say it’s a valid human need to feel respected however, just like we have extremes to every quest, there could be a power drunken desire for respect too.

Now, let’s look at a quick definition of respect.

A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

You’d agree all the earlier mentioned strategies to respect doesn’t speak of abilities, qualities or achievements but rather disabilities, vices & failures  & it’s rather unfortunate this is becoming a blueprint for a number of persons

And to be honest, it seems to me that something is often missing somewhere.


What is that- self esteem.

Many do not  extend to themselves the respect they seek, canvass & fight for from others which inevitably throws the weight of the need on some others leading to an imbalance.

Gloria Awolehin.

When you begin to respect yourself, it begins to flow to others  which sooner than ever effortlessly finds it way to you.

For now, I really do not have a cooked up list about how you can gain respect, but I want to think  it’s summed up in these three things.




As you cultivate growth in all of these three, you’d see that this power drunken need for respect(whatever form it takes) would begin to fizzle out.

So as you live, be humane, create value and embrace your authentic self.

Cheers to better.


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  1. Thank you for this piece @ Dr Glow,you know those words written at the beginning of this post after reading it to some extent, I was like did I click on the wrong button because this is unusual. Smiles people seeking something can be extreme sometimes, but thanks for the insight which is working for me already.

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